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Tandem Equipment Sales, Inc.
Tandem ESD Packaging Sales

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Providing Static Protective ESD Packaging Products and Material Handling Applications, Home
At Tandem, we provide packaging solutions, and have been successfully servicing customers around the world for the past three decades—offering a wide range of static protective ESD packaging products and material handling applications from leading manufacturers.

About Tandem Equipment Sales, Quality Industrial Packaging Supplies, ESD Products and Foam Packaging Services
Whether we've been providing standard protective medical packaging to ship delicate components or custom designed and fabricated a sophisticated static control packaging to protect highly sensitive electronic components—at Tandem, we have both the in-house expertise and industrial packaging to service a wide customer base.

Line Card for Static Control Products, Conductive Containers, Packaging Materials and Material Handling Equipment
At Tandem, we represent leading manufacturers of static control products, ESD containers, Static control products, meters, packaging materials, and material handling equipment. Also, we provide Lighting and microscope products, replacement bulbs, and much more.

Customers have come to rely upon our expertise at Tandem because we understand the impact that electrostatic discharge events (ESD) can have on products, and therefore strive to keep current on all new packaging solutions and best practices in material handling.

Contact Tandem Equipment Sales for ESD Workstations, Static Control Products, Microscope & Fiberoptic Lights

Tandem Equipment Sales, Inc.
35 Tozer Road
P.O. Box 682
Beverly, MA 01915
Toll Free 1.800.696.9169
Call 978.927.8745
Fax 978.927.8746
[email protected]
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Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 5:00
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ESD Static Control Products
When it comes to ESD protection, customers around the world have been relying upon our expertise for over the past 30 years because they know we understand the risk that electrostatic discharge can cause to products during handling, testing, shipping, or storage.

ESD Workstations
Allow the experts at Tandem Equipment Sales to provide you with ESD workstations solution that will ensure that you are protected throughout all phases of material handling. We are an authorized distributor of leading manufacturers who offer high quality industrial workstations designed specifically to eliminate ESD events from occurring.

Micro Lite Products
Micro-Lite® — the next generation Fiber Optic Light Source - is a U.S. - based manufacturer of a high quality line of microscope illuminators used in a variety of industries and is a valued source of microscopes and accessories.

Material Handling Applications
Allow Tandem Equipment Sales to provide you with ESD material handling solutions to ensure you will minimize risk and keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently. We represent numerous leading manufacturer brands of material handling applications from industrial steel shelving to gravity flow racks to ensure your environment is ESD safe.

Moisture Vapor Barrier Packaging
In order to protect your equipment from damage during shipping and storage, it may be necessary to employ the use of moisture vapor barrier packaging (MVBP) utilized to prevent metal corrosion by the reduction and elimination of moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR).

Packaging Materials and Products
Call 1 800 696 9169 or email us today!Tandem Equipment offers customers access to a comprehensive line of packaging materials and products specifically designed to protect electronic components and medical equipment from damage. And as a trusted and authorized reseller of leading manufacturer brands, such as CCI Conductive Containers and Protective Pak, customers can be assured that we can accommodate all their specialty packaging requirements.

VCI Paper and Film
When metals are wrapped or packaged in VCI, the chemistry volatilizes in the packaging environment and forms a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer prevents the oxidation and corrosion of metal surfaces. VCI film is transparent for easy inspection and identification of parts. It will not affect the performance of the protected metal, and the parts are ready to use immediately after removal from the packaging without additional cleaning.