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Tandem ESD Packaging Sales

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Material Handling Solutions

U.S.Mat & Rubber Industrial Floor Mat

Keneco Mobile Flow Rack

Copperloy Dock Lift

Nexel Rivet Lock Shelving

Biofit Chairs

Are you searching for more effective ways to protect your work environment from damaging ESD events?

Allow Tandem Equipment Sales to provide you with ESD material handling solutions to ensure you will minimize risk and keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently. We represent numerous leading manufacturer brands of material handling applications from industrial steel shelving to gravity flow racks to ensure your environment is ESD safe.

Samples of Material Handling products we offer include:

  • Modular Tote
    • ABS / Polyethylene / Conductive
    • PCB holders & molded device carriers
    • Custom molded containers & trays

  • Bin Shelving & Light Duty Racks

  • Parts, Bins, Shelf Bins & Trays

  • Metro Shelving, PCB Carts
    • Zinc Chrome-Conductive Finish-Shelf Mats

  • Service, Shelf & Utility Carts

  • Pallet Rack, Flow Rack, and Security Fencing Installations

  • Custom Transit Cases
    • Made to ATA Specifications
    • ABS / High density poly
    • Custom foam interiors, Standard & ESD

  • Flow Racks and Bin Shelving Installation

  • …And many more material handling application products

Key manufacturers we represent

  • Nexel Industries | Nexel manufactures storage and handling equipment and warehouse shelving for industrial, healthcare, commercial industries offering wire and solid Nexel shelving to specialty and utility carts made of stainless steel, chrome, Nexelon and poly-brite construction.

  • Keneco Inc. | Gravity flow racks from this manufacturer may be utilized in a variety of rack applications and will provide for the most efficient and cost-effective solution for distribution and manufacturing facilities. Assists First In, First Out inventory system.

  • Cogan Wire & Metal Products | When industrial or retail businesses are searching for high quality wire mesh petitions, they choose Cogan. Their design allows for efficient product handling and facilitates improvements in work environments particularly where space may be limited and product security a primary concern.

  • Scotland Rack, Ltd. | As leading manufacturer offering a wide range of industrial shelving products, customers have many steel shelving options from which to select according to specific needs which include: Scotland bulk storage racks, rivet lock shelving, steel edge shelving, open shelving, X-ray filing and safety sprinkler decking.

  • Call 1 800 696 9169 or email us today!Copperloy / JH Industries | Manufacturer offers high quality material handling systems and portable loading dock equipment which may be tailored to suit specific industry safety standards.

Please browse through our manufacturer websites to search for ESD material handling applications and then give us a call at 800.696.9169, to learn how we may serve your specific needs.

Cogan Wire
Cogan Wire
Presto Lift
Presto Lift
Scotland Rack
Scotland Rack
U.S. Mat & Rubber
U.S. Mat & Rubber
Akro Mils
Akro Mils
  Rhino Anti Fatigue Mats
Rhino Mats