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Tandem Equipment Sales, Inc.
Tandem ESD Packaging Sales

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Providing Static Protective ESD Packaging Products and Material Handling Applications


At Tandem, we provide packaging solutions, and have been successfully servicing customers around the world for the past three decades—offering a wide range of static protective ESD packaging products and material handling applications from leading manufacturers.

Static Dissipative Containers by CCI

As a trusted and authorized distributor of industrial packaging and handling systems; Tandem can capably accommodate the unique needs of it's customers—from those in the aerospace, defense, and electronics industry, to name only a few.

We also offer custom packaging solutions and provide a complimentary ESD audit or VCI audit upon request.

We represent numerous companies that include but are not limited to:

Static Solutions Inc.
Conductive Containers (CCI)
Daubert-Cromwell (VCI)

Static Solutions Inc., Megohmeter: Measures Electrical Resistance to Ground.
Cogan Inc.
Scotland Rack
Phoenix / Benchline

Phoenix / Benchline, ESD Workstations and Benches
3M / Static Control Components
Lewis Bins

Lewis Bins, Lewis tote boxes and bins

Tandem Equipment offers complete Static Control products, ESD Workstations, Microscopes and Fiber-Optic Lights and replacement bulbs, and much more.

Micro-Lite Lighting SystemsWe have everything customers require to ensure that components and equipment are protected throughout the entire handling process—from receiving, manufacturing, testing, storage, and shipping.

If a product is static-sensitive or could be damaged by exposure to harsh environmental conditions, we have the ESD packaging materials and metal protection papers to provide the highest level of assurance that your products are completely protected.

Allow our knowledgeable staff to assist you in selecting the appropriate ESD packaging / handling materials or the design of custom packaging solutions to suit your specific needs. The range of products we carry includes:

ESD Workstation
Equipment & Supplies

Racks, Bins & Shelving
Carts, Chairs & Benches
Floor mats, Bench Matting
Ground Cords
Employee Product Handling
Supplies & Apparel

Wrist, Heel & Toe straps
Clean Room & ESD apparel
Personnel Grounding Equipment
ESD Protective
Packaging / Handling Products

ESD Bags, Shrouds & Foam
Cushioning Materials
Air ionizers & Static Meters
Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom die-cut foam
Custom boxes & cartons
Specialty tapes
Thermo / Vacuum formed containers
Metal Protection Packaging

VCI papers & VCI films
VCI Emitters
Corrosion Inhibitor Aerosols
Heat Sealable Vacuum Barrier
Bags / Rolls / DES
Micro-Lite Products

Microscope Illuminators
Fiber Optic Vision Systems
Fiber Optic Lighting Systems
Replacement Bulbs & Parts

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We invite you to browse through our website or contact us at 800.696.9169 to learn more about how we can provide you with complete industrial packaging solutions—regardless of whether you require conventional materials or customized static protective packaging—we are certain to have what you need to protect your business.